Mile Marker Highlights

The Kanawha River measures distance starting at its mouth (Point Pleasant, WV), or mile 0 and ending at Kanawha Falls or mile 99.5. The river is not navigable by boat past Deep Water, WV (at the train trestle) so we will not highlight past that point. Most of the highlights listed are not located at actual Mile Markers but when they are, it will be noted as such. Mile Markers are actually located on "Day Beacons" which on the Kanawha River most have lights at night as well. Day beacons are located on land and can be found on both the right and left banks. We will start at Mile 0 and go upriver.

When heading upriver:
Green makers are on the left ascending bank (LAB)
Red markers are on the right ascending bank (RAB)

Mile 0 Mouth of the Great Kanawha River
Located at Point Pleasant, WV. This is were the Kanawha joins the Ohio River.
Note: There are no gas or food locations between here and the Winfield Dam.
Mile 31.1 Winfield Dam and Locks
Mile 36.5 Gas - Hidden Cove Marina
Located on the RAB
Mile 39 Pocatalico River
Located on the LAB
Mile 45.5 Coal River
Located on the RAB
Mile 46.1 Gas - Lou Wendell Marine Sales
Located on the RAB, this marina and Rinker dealer has service and a parts department should you need to do a quick repair.
Mile 50.9 Food - Tomahawks Landing
Located on the RAB
Mile 53.5 Food - Lock 6 Marina, Huck Finns Restaurant and Bar
Located on the LAB, from out on the water it looks like there is not dock space to tie up, but come in closer and you will see there is plenty. Great menu.
Mile 54.1 Gas - Pier 54 Marina and General Store
Located on the LAB, this marina offers a general store. They have an assortment of frozen foods, snacks, and drinks all at reasonable prices.
Mile 56.5 Charleston Marine Sales and Service
Located on the RAB, this marina and Sea Ray dealer has service and a parts department should you need to do a river repair.
Mile 56.7 Food - The Barge Restaurant and Trojan Landing
Located on the RAB at the C&O Railroad Bridge you can't miss The Barge. "The spot" on the Kanawha River for food and drink. Full bar and the best cheeseburgers in Charleston (land or sea). Lots and lots of boat space to tie up.
Mile 57.9 Elk River
Located on the LAB
Mile 58.4 Haddad Riverfront Park
The heart of downtown Charleston, Haddad offers overnight tie up without electric. Electric permits are available from the city. The Summer time concert series is every Friday night and boats anchored in the area have no problem hearing the music. On any given weekend you will find many boaters with an anchor thrown in this area.
Note: This is a NO WAKE zone. ALL boats need to be respectful of fellow boaters and slow down while passing through this area. It is clearly marked!!
Mile 59.9 University of Charleston
No public docks but beautifully located with the State Capitol on the LAB and UC on the RAB, the campus hosts several musical events during the Summer months including the Wine and Jazz festival, Blues, Brews and Barbeques, and Symphony Sunday, all of which make for great listening from your boat.
Mile 60.8 Gas - Charleston Boat Club
Located on the RAB, the boat club is a private marina for members only. The gas docks are open to the public. (no jet ski's)
Mile 67.7 Marmet Dam and Locks
Mile 70.4 Gas/Food - Chesapeake Marina & Kanawha River Cafe
Located on the RAB, the marina has the only gas between London and Marmet and the cafe has good food, beer and wine, and a friendly staff.
Mile 82.8 London Dam and Locks
Mile 84.8 WVU Tech Dock (old Lock 2).
Located on the LAB, overnight stays are with permission of the school only.
Mile 90.5 End of commercial navigation
Located just above Alloy, WV.
Mile 91 Deep Water, WV
This is as far upriver as a recreational boat dare go. This site is marked by the grand Norfolk & Western - Virginia Railway Bridge. Bass boats or John boats with trolling motors can continue on but beware of rocks.

Quick Distance Calculations
Point Pleasant to Winfield Dam 31.1 miles
Winfield to Charleston 27.3 miles
Winfield Dam to Marmet Dam 36.6 miles
Marmet Dam to London Dam 15.1 miles
London to Deep Water 8.2 miles
Point Pleasant to Pomeroy, OH 15 miles