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May Quarterly Meeting

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Location to be Announced




Thank You Letter from the River Museum

The Great Kanawha River Navy welcomes 2 new Admirals

Kevin Sarrett and Jimmy Saunders

2019 Board of Trustees

Commander - Vince McCormick

Chief of Staff - Nathan Nisbet

Secretary - Max Ferguson

Treasurer - Bob Smith

Buoy Master - Chester Wingo

Trustee - J.R. Marshall

Trustee - J.D. Pauley

Q Master - Brian Strader

New Summer White Uniform and Epaulets

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TGKRN Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 144

Dunbar, WV 25064

  • TGKRN has Contributed in 2018:
Donated LBP Food to Christ Kitchen in St. Albans, Estimated Value $500
$7770.00 to River Museum in Pt. Pleasant, WV for Rebuild Fund
Lou Wendell Marine matched Admiral's Donations
$200 to Montgomery, WV Coast Guard Auxiliary and Fire Department
  • If you hear of any news you would like to share please pass it on to the Webmaster, Fleet Admiral Patrick Wood at woodpe01@gmail.com.


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